Who am I?

Servus, I’m Vasile Boris.

Vasile Boris

I live in Cluj Napoca where I studied, married and started to work in software development. Back in 2002 I coded in jBASE and Visual Basic. In the meantime I began to learn java which I started to use in 2005. Since then I was involved in multiple java projects mainly in server side development. More about my professional background can be found in my resume.

Why I started to blog?

Some say that programmers and puppies are similar. They both look intelligent but don’t know how to express themselves. I always smile when I hear this joke but I also believe that being programmer is more than just writing code.

The first reason is quite selfish. I am sure that by preparing good posts I will be a better programmer. I have to research, understand and explain. The second reason is to share information. A lot of times I was stuck in my work and then I found a post somewhere in the cloud that helped me solve my problem. I hope that I can do the same.

Why Espresso Programmer?

When I started preparing the site I found out that the other good names I thought for were already taken. Then I realized that my main fuel for writing code is coffee, espresso of course. From that thought to actually making my mind was only a step.