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This weekend I had a revelation on one disadvantage of interpreted languages over compiled ones. It is very well explained on wikipedia:

Without static type-checking, which is usually performed by a compiler, programs can be less reliable, because type checking eliminates a class of programming errors.

Christmas is coming and we did some preparations this weekend. We bought the Christmas tree and a lot of groceries. I put the tree inside my car and the groceries in the trunk. When I arrived at home I stopped in front of my place and in the same time another neighbor arrived. Murphy was there for me. I didn’t want my neighbor to wait too much because of me so I did the the following in a hurry:

open car's back right door
  extract the Christmas tree
// what do you think is missing here?

open trunk
  extract groceries
close trunk

start car
// ViolentDoorClosedByPillar runtime exception
park car

Just before to arrive in the parking place, I heard a big noise. Because I forgot that I leaved with my door open, I didn’t even realized what happened. I had to go to a place with more light and examine the car to notice my accomplishment. And that’s why I wish my car had compile time behavior check.

Image credit: Gerd Altmann, CC0 Public Domain