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After my previous post I thought that there were no more surprises and I would be able to document an already existing endpoint that I had written in the past. How wrong I was. I updated my example to be similar with that endpoint so that I could explain what happened.

The first difference is that the endpoint returns a list of greetings:

The second difference is that spring is used instead of spring-boot and the application is deployed as a war file in tomcat. The important project files are listed below:



The third difference is that endpoint is tested with jersey api client:

The first attempt to update the test class to use spring-restdocs and rest-assured went well until I got to the point of documenting response fields and I noticed that the service is returning:

instead of the expected:

After spending some time and using a lot of #$@&%*! I found that in web.xml jersey is configured to use jackson:

The corresponding code from jersey test class is:

where I missed to add jackson and jaxb was used instead. The fix was simple:

and the response was the expected one:

The final test class looks like:

If jersey api client is used to test the endpoint, also the client needs to be configured to use jackson:

After making these small changes, I was finally able to document a production endpoint.